Pulling Info

Antique Tractor Pulls

Olde Tyme Days Tractor Pull

Olde Tyme Days Tractor Pull

For anyone interested in participating in our Antique Tractor Pulls please see our Olde Tyme Days Pulling Regulations.

Antique Tractors Pull Friday 6PM and Saturday 2PM.

Friday Night 8/16/2019 we will be pulling heavy too light. Weight classes are now in 500 lb. increments up to 6,500 lbs. After 6,500 lbs. we go to a 1,000 lb. weight increment. Please note the Regulations have been updated as well.

Garden Tractor Pulls

Garden Tractor Pulling

Garden Tractor Pulling

For those interested in participating in the Garden Tractor Pulls you can check out the rules and regulations on Rude Dog’s site. For 2018 garden tractor pulls will be fun pulls only on Friday and Saturday.

Garden Tractors Pull Friday 9AM to 3PM and Saturday 9AM to Noon.

Truck Pulls

We are no longer doing truck pulls